We are VERY excited to start up the NEW..
Kilted Sister of the Month!

Every month, we are going to recognize a follower from the Kilted Souls group which is on Facebook. (CLICK HERE to join Kilted Souls on Facebook now)

This lucky person will be featured on the Official Secret Realm Newsletter, offered an ebook of their choice and have bragging rights of course! 


Everybody give  Liz Evans  a warm welcome!

Make sure to congratulate her on being the first Kilted Sister of the Month.

Liz Evans kilted sister
Let’s see… I was born June 17th. I’m retired Army (where I) was combat communications & cross trained as a field medic. I’m a merry widow, haha, (and I) have 1 daughter who’s following tradition & also (in the) military.

I’ve traveled all over Europe & met my husband in Sicily. (I also) have 2 teen granddaughters, 3 dogs & 3 parrots. (I) love reading (and watching) historical & horror movies. (I also) love to bake. I’m an expert marksman but (I) don’t hunt anything other than targets.
– Liz Evans

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