In my Heart of the Wolf romance series, when the wolves are ready to say I DO, no need for a marriage license. Mating means FOR LIFE.

Here’s a conversation between Grant and Colleen from my newest release HEART OF A HIGHLAND WOLF which shows just how serious a mating can be.

“Aye, lass.” He sighed and rested his forehead against hers. “I’m not good at this—this courtship phase with a wolf. I know what I want, and I’m fairly certain of what you want.”


“A mating?” she asked. She had to know. For certain.


“Aye, a mating.”


Did she want this? To be a pack leader, and not just in charge of a couple of beta cousins? Did she want to live here with Grant and his family and his clan?

If Colleen decides to sleep with Grant, they will be bound together … forever. Or to say it another way, once bedded, they are as good as wedded. This takes a lot of commitment (and fortitude when dealing with a sexy, yet sometimes grumpy alpha shifter) but these two make it work.

While this idea of mating for life applies to my wolf shifters, it is interesting to think of other lifelong monogamists in the animal kingdom that could be used as shifters in romances. This list might include:

  • Beavers, like wolves, stay together for the kids and mom and pop both take care of them too. No off building dams while mom’s stuck at home with the youngsters.
  • Turtle Doves. I just love them and have several pairs at my house. The male will call for the female and ruffle his feathers and she’ll come and join him. I see them often in pairs sitting together on top of my barn or in the trees.
  • Swans, though it is said that it is only to a point. If the pair can no longer breed, oops, off to find another swan mate. Will they be in one of MY shifter books? Probably not. Forever is FOREVER. You know, happily ever after? Through the good stuff and the bad stuff?


  • French angelfish—now there’s a happy mated couple FOR LIFE. Swans, take notes. They are so loving, they spend half their time swimming side by side. And when they are apart, searching for food, they will come together again and go carouseling, or circling around each other in a demonstration of just how excited they are to be together. Think of it, you come home from work, or your mate does, and what do you? Carousel a little bit, or some human equivalent. Maybe it could make a difference in your life, too.
  • Prairie voles—okay, who is wrinkling their nose out there? They may seem kind of rodent like but, they are more than just mates for life. They groom and protect each other. Never do they stray from each other. They both take care of the young’uns, and spend all their free time together. Now that’s what I’d call true soul mates in every sense of the term.

  • Shingleback skinks. if you weren’t wrinkling your nose before… they date for a LONG time, his rubbing up and licking her for months before they even say I DO. They can stay together for twenty years or longer, and like wolves and others that mate for life, grieve for a lost mate.

  • Barn Owls mate for LIFE. Swans? Just saying. They love each other forever and ever and never stray.

  • Gibbons were thought to be fully monogamous, but now here is the weird part. They stick together at home, defend their territory together and are monogamous in that way, but having sex? Totally different story. Any gibbon will do. How weird is that? Okay, scratch off shifter for a HEA.

  • Termites—ooooh, but really, isn’t that amazing? We always hear about mammals and birds having species that are monogamous, but insects?

  • Black Vultures—not only is it something that they are conditioned for from the beginning, but the vulture society itself will attack other vultures that are philanderers. So if you’re even considering straying, don’t.

What kind of animal shifters are your favorites? What animal would you not want to read about?

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Thank you to Terry Spears for this original guest post. We look forward to sharing, reading and reviewing your next upcoming installment!

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Hero Of A Highland Wolf by terry spear

About the Book

Title: Hero of a Highland Wolf  (Heart of the Wolf #14)

Author: Terry Spear

Release Date: August 5, 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Scotland, Shapeshifters


She’s ready for change…

Colleen Playfair has never been to Scotland, but when she discovers she must spend a year and a day overseas learning to manage her newly inherited estate, she’s ready for the challenge. She even has some ideas for improvements-if she can get past the sexy werewolf who seems convinced he’s the one in charge.

But he’s digging in his claws…

Grant MacQuarrie and his clan have been managing Farraige Castle for three centuries. The last thing he wants is a meddling American heiress trying to change the way things have always been done. He’s more than willing to fight the she-wolf every step of the way, using every tool at his disposal. And if that means taking the lass to bed, well…all the better.

Locked in a battle of wills, caught in an attraction they can’t escape, Colleen and Grant must find a way to work together…or face losing it all.

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author terry spear

Love, love, love romance, the paranormal, hunky Highlanders with their delicious brogue and hot kilts, so Terry Spear writes about those hunky Highlanders both in medieval times and as wolves in contemporary times. Jaguar shifters too! And young adult urban fantasy. And romantic suspense.

She grew up reading mystery, adventure, mythologies from around the world, ghost stories, the paranormal, fell in love with Dracula and Wolfman, and felt they needed loving too. Everyone should have someone to love. Which means her stories always have a HEA.

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over two dozen paranormal romance novels and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 HEART OF THE WOLF was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

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