I am going all out with this End Of Year Appreciation / Christmas FREE Giveaway!

Thank you to all my loyal fans, customers and friends.

Next year, we will prosper and be happy even more than 2014.

Free Giveaway Items:

  • One (1) First Four Digital Copies of Margaret Taylor’s Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My!
  • One (1) Digital Copy “Beast” by Katheryn Le Veque
  • Two (2) $10 Amazon Gift Cards
  • One (1) Digital Copy, Reader Choice, ANY Lisa Olsen Book
  • One (1) Digital Copy, Reader Choice, Back list Sara Humphreys
  • One (1) Somewhere Texas Cooking Apron
  • One (1) Signed Print Copy of “Fire Away” by Rebecca Syme
  • One (1) Advance Reader’s Copy, ARC, “In The Air Tonight” by Lori Handeland
  • One (1) winner, Four (4) audio books Age of Faith Series by Tamara Leigh
  • One (1) winner, Digital Copy “Night Walker” and Digital Copy of “Moonlight” by Lisa Kessler
  • One (1) Swag Pack by Julia Lake Mills
  • One (1) Swag Pack and Signed Print Copy of both book #1 and #2 from Order Of The Dragon Knights Series, “Dragon Knight’s Medallion” and “Dragon Knight’s Sword” by Mary Morgan
  • One (1) Digital Copy, Reader Choice, ANY Mairi Norris Book
  • One (1) Print Copy of “In The Warrior’s Bed” by Mary Wine
  • One (1) Signed Poster and T-Shirt from DeLonn Donovan
  • One (1) Digital Copy of “Lullaby” by Bridgette O’Hare
  • One (1) Digital Copy of “Silent is the Night” by Delilah Devlin
  • One (1) Digital Copy of “Highland Burn” by Victoria Zak
  • One (1) Signed Print Copy, Reader Choice, Knights of De Ware Series by Glynnis Campbell, USA only
  • Two (2) winners, Signed Print Copy of “His Captive” by Dianna Cosby
  • One (1) Audio book, Reader Choice by Tanya Ann Crosby
  • One (1) Digital or Print Copy, Reader Choice, ANY Jennifer Ashley Book
  • Two (2) winners, Digital Copy, ANY Book From Hard Ink Series by Laura Kaye
  • One (1) Signed Print Copy of “Healer’s Gift” and a Thistle Ornamnet by Willa Blair
  • One (1) winner, One (1) Signed T-Shirt from Highland Spies Series,  One (1) autographed postcard, One (1) set of bookmarks by Victoria Roberts, USA only
  • Five (5) winners, One (1) Digital Copy of “Miss Taken Identity” by Cleo Scornavacca
  • One (1) winner, One (1) Print Copy, Reader Choice ANY Book, One (1) Bookmark and One (1) Pen by Cheryl Brooks
  • Two (2) winners, One (1) Digital Copy of “To Steal a Highlander’s Heart” by Samantha Holt
  • One (1) Audio book  of “My Fierce Highlander” by Vonda Sinclair
  • Two (2) winners, One (1) Signed Print Copy and One (1) Digital Copy of “For The Love of The Duke” by Christy Caldwell
  • One (1) Digital Copy of “Highland Winds” From Scrolls of Cridhe, Volume 1: Five Hundred Years of Scottish Romance Series by Lily Baldwin
  • One (1) Digital Copy of “To Bewitch a Highlander” by Lily Baldwin
  • One (1) Pair of Gorgeous Celtic Ear Rings by B.J. Scott
  • One (1) Package of Swag Goodies from YOUR Secret Realm of Book Reviews
  • One (1) Signed Print Copy of “Gavril of Aquina,” Hand Crafted Lord of Magic Tote Bag, “A Fuzzy Owl” Stuffed Animal and Other Swag Goodies by Aurrora St. James

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