There are not enough unique highlander novels .. same things .. same subjects .. Allison Butler took my breath away with “The Healer” .. Full of romance, mystery, strength and uniqueness

the healer by allison butler cover

Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5

About the Book

Title: The Healer

Author: Allison Butler

Release Date: October 8, 2014

Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval, Scottish

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An outcast in her own home for as long as she can remember, Lynelle Fenwick will do anything to earn her father’s approval. Including exaggerating her healing skills, and setting off alone to rescue her step-brother from a band of raiding Scots.

Living under a curse that has haunted the Closeburn Clan for years, Laird William Kirkpatrick, will do anything to save his sole surviving brother. He may not believe in curses, but his clan does, and the growing number of graves seems to support their side.

Having banished all healers from the clan for trickery, he has no choice but to allow an Englishwoman, claiming to be a skilled healer, into his home and into the room of his wounded brother.

Enemies by birth and circumstance, they can only succeed together. But blood runs deep, and tensions high. What matters the desires of a heart?

Author Interview


Question #1.) What inspired you to become a writer in the historical romance genre?


My favourite subjects at high school were English and History, and my mum always talked about her dream of going to Scotland. I remember her staying up late for one night every year to watch the Edinburgh Military Tattoo when it was shown on TV here in Australia. She loved it! Then, near the end of school, I met and started going out with my Scottish husband. My curiosity about Scotland and its history grew from there. Years later, I read a historical romance titled, Simply Love by Catherine Anderson, and fell in love with the romance genre. I’d never thought about being a writer in any genre, but considering all these things, I believe it was always meant to be.


Question #2.) What are your favorite things about the highlands and Scotland?


I think what I love the most about Scotland is how it makes me feel. Scotland is beautiful. The landscapes and scenery take my breath away. I look at her castles, whole or ruins, and immediately wonder who had lived there and what had their lives been like. The Scottish people are so welcoming and passionate about everything, especially their homeland. Scotland has a bloody history, but from it, heroes and heroines were made.


Question #3.) Have you ever been to Scotland?


Yes! My first trip to Scotland was with my husband in 2003. It was my dream holiday and my husband’s first visit back since he’d left to come to Australia at the age of 7. It was absolutely brilliant! I carried a photo of my mum everywhere, including the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle, as she never had the chance to go herself. We’ve been lucky enough to go back 3 times since then, the most recent visit in 2014 for my husband’s 50

. Again, Brilliant!


Question #4.)  Have you ever seen a man in a kilt?


Oh, yes! I love a man in a kilt. Being Scottish, my husband has a formal kilt in his family tartan that he wears to special occasions, like giving away his daughters at their weddings. This kilt is too good to wear every day, so on our most recent trip to Scotland, I bought him what they call a party kilt. It’s lighter in weight and I chose the Heritage of Scotland tartan.  This kilt is for him to party in or to wear while mowing the lawn. Did I mention my office is at the back of our house with a clear view of our large back yard?☺


Question #5.) What is the hardest and easiest thing about writing?


For me, the hardest thing about writing is finishing the first draft of a story. Once that’s done, I find the editing and polishing easier and more enjoyable.


Question #6.) What advice would you give to aspiring writers?


I’d encourage aspiring writers to write every day. It doesn’t have to be a lot of words each day, but I find it easier to stay in touch with the characters and their story if I write more often. And if you can’t write, try to think about the story so it stays fresh in your head.


Question #7.) Who are your favorites authors? Also, your favorite novels?


My favourite author is Marsha Canham. I love all of her books, especially her Scotland Trilogy – The Pride of Lions, The Blood of Roses, Midnight Honour and her Robin Hood Trilogy – Through A Dark Mist, In The Shadow Of Midnight and The Last Arrow. I have way too many other favourites to name so I’ll share a few of my favourite books that have stayed with me over the years. Simply Love by Catherine Anderson, The Heiress by Jude Deveraux, These Hallowed Hills by Ana Leigh, Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught and A Whisper Of Roses by Teresa Medeiros.


Question #8.) What are your favorite things about Lynelle and William?


I love Lynelle’s ability to stay positive and kind, even when everything is going against her.

I love William’s protective instincts, for his young brother, his people and of course for Lynelle.


Question #9.) Is “The Healer” going to be part of a series?


Yes! The Healer is the first book in my Scottish series. I’m still working on an official series title. I am thrilled to share some good news. The second book in this series will be released in May this year. This book was originally published in 2013 but has had a makeover. I am so excited that with a new title, a new cover and a hero name change, this story will finally take its rightful place as the second story in my Scottish series, as it was originally written. I’ll let you know more details as I get them.


Question #10.) If you could time travel and go anywhere and anytime in the world, where would that time and place be?


I think it would be both fascinating and frightening to travel back to Scotland to the late 13

and early 14

centuries: The turbulent times of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.


Dear Ashley, thank you so much for your wonderful review of The Healer and for interviewing me on your fabulous blog xx



Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5

I would give this book 8 freaking stars; it is that good.


Even though there are many great novels that are written in this world, there is something extra special about Highlanders. When I first started reading “The Healer,” I wasn’t sure what to think.

There are not enough unique highlander novels anymore; many that state the same things. use the same subjects and just do the same ole things. Allison Butler took my breath away with “The Healer.” Full of romance, mystery, strength and uniqueness, I was betraying my whole world to read every single page. I could not set this read down. There was not one person who would try to pry my fingers away from this superb novel.

From the moment I started reading about Author Allison Butler’s characters, they took me to another place and time. The emotions I felt while reading were amazing. I cannot wait until Allison releases another highlander novel.


The cover of this book drew me in and the words kept me captivated.

Lynnelle and William will captivate you all from the beginning, as they did I, and you will be addicted to them long after the book is done. The tales weaved are wonderful as the scenery depicts everything you could possibly want. You will not regret reading this story, and you will wait in  anticipation hoping that the next book comes out very, very, soon.


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About the Author


 author allison butler_

Allison Butler is an author of Scottish historical romance. She spent her early years in country NSW building pretend castles with hay bales and leaping white posts with her army of two older sisters and a younger brother. Many years later, with her mother’s influence, she discovered a passion for words and history, read her first historical romance and was inspired to write her own. She writes by day and cares for the elderly by night. Her love of travel has given her the gift of many amazing sights but none more heart-stirring than the rugged beauty of Scotland. Allison lives in a small town in NSW, Australia, with her very own Scottish hero, two beautiful daughters and a Jack Russell named Wallace. She loves travelling, dancing like no-one’s watching and seeing the sights from the back of her husband’s motorcycle.


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