sleeping with the entity by cat devon cover

Ratingfour-star-rating-md  4/5

 About the Book

Title: Sleep With The Entity (Entity Series #1)

Author: Cat Devon

Release Date: June 4, 2013

Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance

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She has a sweet tooth and a dream.

Meet Daniella Delaney. She’s all ready to open her shop, Heavenly Cupcakes, in one of Chicago’s sleepier districts. But she’s having a hard time convincing the local business association—namely Nick St. George—that she’s a good addition to the neighborhood. Daniella hopes that her famous red velvet cupcakes will be enough to melt any man’s heart. But Nick is no ordinary man. He’s got fangs.

He has a constant craving…

As leader of the Vamptown clan, Nick has no intention of letting Daniella breathe new life into his old haunts. But something about her leaves Nick hungry…for more. He can’t control her mind like other humans, a trait that makes Daniella irresistible. Could it be that, for the first time in centuries, Nick has met his match? Love is always a force to be reckoned with. But can this vampire have his cake and eat it too?


Vampires and Cupcakes 

Ratingfour-star-rating-md 4/5

I give this book 4 stars!!!!


I had so much fun reading this book! It was a funny paranormal novel including hot vampires with a sense of humor and a love for sweets!!

Daniella; cute, quirky, and a skilled baker with great style and a good taste in music. What’s so funny is while she bakes, she listens to The Muse, and her favorite movies are Twilight and True Blood. Little does Daniella know that she is surrounded around a town full of vampires watching every little move she makes.

Originally the clan did not want her there. Nick, the head of the vampire society, pushed as hard as he could for her not to open her bakery on their street. He fails miserably and found out after hundred’s of years that he really cared for her, wanting something more.

When Daniella finds out what Nick really is, she completely has a meltdown. I liked how realistic that was. Honestly, we all have fantasies, but if someone came out and told us that they were a vampire and had proof, of course you would react crazily in the beginning.

I liked that this book made you laugh and wasn’t depressing. Sometimes you just need a funny read and this author delivers. You will find out that this read is unique; Daniella doesn’t realize it in the beginning, but there’s a reason that the vampires cannot use mind control with her. Due to his extensive investigations, Nick finds out how special Daniella is..

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