I could not tell you all how thrilled I was to have the opportunity to interview the amazing Aurrora St. James.

Aurrora’s book, Gavril of Aquina, is one lovely tale. I am completely dedicated to this author and the world she has created!

So here’s a little look into the mind of Aurrora St. James, the book Gavril of Aquina, what’s coming next, and just a little bit about the lady that she is.

First, we will begin with the interview.

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Gavril of Aquina by aurrora st. james Cover

Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5

About the Book

Title: Gavril of Aquina (Lords of Magic #1)

Author: Aurrora St. James

Release Date: July 14, 2014

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Magical

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A magical kingdom suffering under a vicious ruler desperately needs the king who vanished seven years ago.

A kingdom in need of its king…

For years, the people of Aquina have been crushed under the hand of King Lorcan. Gone are the times of peace and prosperity they appreciated under deposed king Varic Khalon, who vanished the night Lorcan took power. Most believe him dead. Only one man knows the truth.

A man in need of redemption…

Stripped of his magic and imprisoned, Varic never thought to see his kingdom again. But a twist of dark fate secures his freedom and he returns to the city he loves. Now calling himself Gavril, he finds himself with no home, no magic, no subjects, and no hope of reclaiming the throne, forced to survive any way he can. Until a chance encounter brings him face to face with the one person who may tip the scales in his favor.

The woman who will unite the two…

Shyla de Aven has a single magical gift. She can sense magic in others. Not a very useful talent in a city where everyone has magical abilities. When a wounded stranger literally stumbles into her, he presents her with a mystery she feels compelled to solve. He proclaims to have no magic, yet she senses it locked far away. Determined to find the answer, Shyla helps the man. Only to discover they are far more connected than she realizes. And if the people of Aquina want their king returned, she will have to discover the key to unlocking his true power, all without losing her heart in the process.

Author Interview


Question #1.) What inspired you to become a writer?

I guess you could say it was a natural progression from reading. I can remember creating stories in my head back when I was about 11 while spending summers with my cousins. After that, the stories were always there. In my teens, as I read my mom’s romance novels, those daydreams all had a romantic twist. In my late twenties, while still trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I realized that I enjoyed dreaming up and writing those stories more than anything else I could think of to do. So I took a writing course, joined a chapter of Romance Writers of America, and began to learn the craft of writing.


Question #2.) What is your favorite type of genre to read?

Historical romance and paranormal romance. I will branch out and read others but those are my go to genres where I read the most. I’m also a pretty voracious reader. I read over 100 books last year. Which basically means that between the regular job, writing, and reading, I don’t sleep.


Question #3.) Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

How much time do we have? Seriously. Okay, here’s the short list:

Dianne Duvall, Donna Grant, Gena Showalter, Deb Cooke/Claire Delacroix, Coreene Callahan, Elisabeth Naughton, Anita Clenney, Kresley Cole, Dana D’Angelo, and Cherry Adair. Jim Butcher gets Honorable Mention because he doesn’t write romance.

I love their heroes. They are strong men who (mostly) know what they want and treat their women as the treasures they are, even when wanting to strangle them. I also think they have great world building. I can pick up any of these authors and be so completely absorbed by their book that I don’t notice what time it is, and even if I did, I wouldn’t care. Their stories transport the reader into another time, and I think that is why most of us read.


Question #4.)  Did you have any difficulty in creating the characters for your book?

Actually, I had the exact opposite problem. I questioned one of my beta readers to find out if there were too many characters. I usually don’t have trouble creating characters. They usually come to me easily, although they can definitely be a pain in the arse sometimes. I’ve had them clam up and not speak to me, or throw my story for a complete loop. But mostly, I enjoy them so much that I can’t wait to see where we go next together. And I’m always up for surprises from them. I hope my readers feel the same way.


Question #5.) I absolutely loved your character Gavril! What was the most fun about creating him?

The best part for me was his journey. He came to me dirty and broken (exactly how he appeared at the beginning of the story) and it was so fun to watch him literally change into the man he was always meant to be before my eyes. I also loved the interaction he had with Zander and Bandit.


Question #6.) What type of hobbies do you enjoy besides reading and writing?

Hobbies? What are they? Seriously, I eat, sleep and breathe reading and writing. I don’t really do anything else. Which is probably for the best. I once tried to crochet at the urging of a friend. Three hours later, I had a 5-sided washcloth about the size of post-it note. So unless there ends up being a huge demand for those in the near future, I’ll probably stick with reading and writing.


Question #7.) What type of research did you partake in to be able to write such an amazing book?

I spent some time trying to see what it would take to turn my dog into a donkey. She’s happy to report that I was unsuccessful. (See crocheting experiment above for reasons why) I did research on everything from the types of trees that would grow on Mared’s mountain to the old names for current plants and the different rooms in a palace. For this next book, I am researching types of armor and swords, which is a lot of fun.


Question #8.) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Scotland. I spent 4 days in Edinburgh and it wasn’t nearly enough. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I hope to go back in the next year or two, but no guarantees I’ll leave once I get there.


Question #9.) Do you think our world would be a better place if we were able to acquire magical abilities?

That is an excellent question! Sadly, no I don’t. I think it would be worse. Think about all of the terrible things you hear on the news every day and then picture people with magical abilities. Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of people would use their abilities for good. It would be awesome to have people who could heal anyone of any ailment.


Question #10.) If you could spend one day with your favorite book boyfriend, who would it be? why? what would you two do for fun?

I am going to say Wick from Fury of Desire by Coreene Callahan. I just adored him. I loved how he didn’t feel worthy and was so scarred, but accepted love. Plus he’s hot. And he likes to throw heavy machinery and train cars. What’s not to like? We would spend some time at the rail yard watching him kick some Razorback butt, then finish before a nice cozy fire.


Question #11.) In your opinion, what makes a heroine so exciting? Do you prefer a weak minded girl with no say in things? OR, Do you prefer the girl that speaks her mind and has a fiery spirit?

I like a heroine who forges her own way. The woman strong enough to speak her mind and challenge the hero and the villain, even if she knows she going to get her arse kicked in the end. That being said, I would definitely be interested in a heroine’s journey where she went from weak-minded in the beginning to strong enough to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in at the end. I love when characters grow beyond who they started out to be into who they were always meant to become.


Thanks so much for having me on your blog! It’s been a real treat.



Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5


This book was breathtaking.


The world that Aurrora St. James has created is stunning, exciting, ethereal, and an addiction that I did not want to get rid of.

Gavril is a man full of magic desperate for a place to belong; beaten down and in need of a wake up call.  I was so attached to Gavril, falling in love with his attitude and demeanor from the very first page. The love story was touching, magnificent, realistic, and just enough magic to keep you enthralled.

Shyla is perfect for Gavril because she helps him come to his full potential again. Being stripped of his powers, he doesn’t realize what grand power he comes from and how worthy he truly is.

This book was magical, unique, and a MUST READ. I could not put it down; the world was so full of amazing fantasy! This novel would stand out, even against other genres, because of the unique qualities Aurrora St. James has created. I would highly recommend this read to everyone I know.

Something that makes a novel amazing: characters, attributes, personality, the fictional world, and Aurrora St. James delivers on every account. I was actually sad when it was over; I wanted it to last a life time.

But, I know that we will have another amazing novel coming from Aurrora and the Lords of Magic Series. So, until then, I shall sit and wait in anticipation hoping I can make it.


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About the Author


 author aurrora st james

Aurrora St. James has loved ghosts, graveyards, curses, gypsies, magic, vampires, and haunted houses for as long as she can remember. Not to mention archaeology, pirates, lost treasure, lost lands, and pretty much anything paranormal.

As she got older, she started reading her mom’s romance novels and developed a love for the happily ever after they promised, sexy heroes and the heroines who always got into too much trouble. Soon all of her daydreams centered around a boy, a girl, and an adventure. From there it was only natural to write those daydreams down and watch the stories unfold. Now she loves to incorporate all that magic and mayhem into a story where love can overcome anything.

She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband and co-dependent dog.

Aurrora loves to hear from her readers. To email her or find out about upcoming works, go to www.aurrorastjames.com.


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