Earwen’s Song was absolutely stunning and amazing .. exceptionally well-written novels .. never read a story like this one .. M. A. Abraham delivers something amazing every single time

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Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5

About the Book


Title: Eärwen’s Song (The Elven Chronicles #10)

Author: M. A. Abraham

Release Date: April 16, 2016

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi

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With one look Eöl knows he has finally found the love of his life, his Life Mate, the one he has promised to bind so tightly they will never be parted. He is about to find that it isn’t as easy as he believes it will be, not with a Light Elf mate, who is also an Eagle Claw.

Shocked by the sudden appearance of a Life Mate in her life, when she has been told she probably doesn’t have one, Eärwen runs. It isn’t that she is against the idea, but this wasn’t supposed to happen to her and, although she fights it, their attraction to one another is too strong.

As a newly bonded couple of power, they are hunted by the Demons and then captured, before being parted. The bond they share, however, is stronger than anyone believes. It connects them in ways few could have foreseen, as heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, soul-to-soul; they complete their bond in the way of the most ancient of Elves.

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Author Interview


Exclusive interview with Author M. A. Abraham!


1.) What or who inspired you to become a writer?


I wasn’t so much inspired, as challenged to a story contest. Once you have written a book, and I don’t care what age you are, you never stop writing. Some hide their accomplishments; some show them off, but never do anything with them.


2.) What is the funniest thing about being a writer?


Watching the readers’ reaction to the story I wrote. In my case that would be looking for the serious side to my stories, they are not meant to be literary works of note; they are supposed to tell a story. They are supposed to take your mind off your troubles, and into a world that pulls you into it. I enjoy bringing light into the darkness that surrounds us.


3.) What is the hardest thing about being a writer?


There is no doubt that writing a book is a lot of work. There is the initial writing of the manuscript, reworking it, as well as multiple edits, etc. A lot of people assume it is an easy thing to just sit down and write, to a writer the creation is the candy, dealing with the marketing can be a headache.


4.) Who are some of your favorite authors?


I love Mary Stewart, Anne McCaffrey, Debrorah Cooke, Christine Feehan, Lynsay Sands, Tarah Scott, Charles Dickens, To name a few… LOL… I love variety.


5.) Why did you decide the Fantasy genre was the best genre for you to begin writing in?


I like the flexibility, and I have a very vivid imagination, something that I managed to hold on to from my childhood. I love my Elves, and there will be a LOT going on with them, even after the Elven Chronicles comes to an end… keep in mind that I have 2 spin off series coming out at the end of next year and into 2018. I also have a Sci/fi series out… The Tantalus Series, as well as several stand alones in Historicals, and contemporary.


6.) What is your advice to people such as I, and others, who want to become writers one day?


Be prepared for a lot of work, which is the biggest downfall with many. They believe this is going to be a walk in the park, but it isn’t. I can’t stress the importance of having a good working team to support you. Editing is a huge thing; it can make, or break you. If you are going to write a book/story, stay true to your characters, don’t make them do things that they wouldn’t do, or say things that someone like them wouldn’t. Also, don’t expect that you are going to get rich overnight if you write a book, that only happens to a few… granted, you might be one of them, but only if you are very lucky.


7.) What other hobbies do you have that make your life interesting?


I tend to spend the most of my time writing, or plotting. I have a few crafts that I have done. I love to read, when I get the chance. I like to bake and used to like to experiment, something I don’t do much of anymore. I like to create, which is usually done with thread, whether it is embroidery, or crochet, or things like that… hate to knit.


8.) What would you like to say to all of your fans?


I write to tell a story, it is not serious literary works, it is a tale meant to feed your imagination. I like to take you with me into the world I created and make you a part of it. If I can make your life a little happier or brighter, for even a moment, I have done my job.


– Author M. A. Abraham



I received an ARC copy of “Eärwen’s Song” for an honest review.

Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5


“Earwen’s Song” was absolutely stunning and amazing to read. I have always loved Author M. A. Abraham and her novels. They are full of fantasy, unique worlds and an incredible race of people that are like no other characters I’ve ever read about. These characters and their relationships are in depth, beautiful, romantic, dramatic, and full of surprises.


If you have not read “The Elven Chronicles” Series by M. A. Abraham, then you are missing out on exceptionally well-written novels. They are detailed, understandable and magical with just enough fantasy that you feel as you are in another world; meeting characters and people you would never get to meet in the “real” world.


We, as readers, love reading about things that we may never see in the real world. I love fantasy; especially involving elves because they are an interesting race unlike any other. I’ve truly never read a story like this one, and I swear, ALL of the previous novels in “The Elven Chronicles” Series are breathtaking.


I don’t believe in posting spoilers so I cannot give too many details. But… you can PRE-ORDER your copy of “Earwen’s Song” right now. I would highly suggest this novel to family, friends, and fellow readers. I wish I could give this 10 stars. Author M. A. Abraham always steps outside of the box and believes in her characters to the utmost degree.


There is obviously no doubts in her amazing writing skills. M. A. Abraham delivers something amazing every single time. Make sure and enter the world of the “Elven Chronicles” and I will say I TOLD YOU SO when you fall in love. What’s really awesome? If you have not read this series yet, you can start at book one.. then you will have ten novels to read! WOW! So get started! You can read this as a stand alone, but I would suggest you read it from the beginning so you get the entire feel for the characters worlds.


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About the Author

M. A. Abraham

author m a abraham


I have been writing books since before I became a teenager. Most are still hidden in the closet. I used to make up my own stories as a child, everyone used to act them out while we were playing outside. As a teenager someone issued me a challenge. I told her that her stories stunk, she told me to do better.

My job growing up was to play guardian to my little brother, keep him safe. That meant I ended up getting into more fights than enough – makes sense now that I write about warriors.

My family will try to tell you that I’m not innocent, I have a personality that keeps them on their toes. Over my lifetime and theirs I have earn several nicknames – The Godmother, The Evil Christmas Elf (comes from making my nieces wrap their own Christmas presents), Mistress of Ambush. My favorite response to them when they try to get me into trouble is just to look at them with a wide doe eyed expression and say “Moi?????”

I have a seal point Siamese cat named Snoop, named after my favorite cartoon character and hobby. I have a “healthy” but small collection of Snoopy memorabilia. He is a character alright; never met a cat who can talk back like he does. He expects daily dosages of adoration on his schedule when he wants it – not when it’s convenient for me and he HATES snow.

I come from a very large family (mostly brothers) and I could outrun the whole works of them (I’m the shortest!). It was called survival.

This book has been in the making for a long time now. Over a half a year to write it, about the same amount of time to edit it, and probably about the same amount of time to get the art work and website! I have learned you can’t control the timelines of other people – Murphy likes to step in.

So for now I am setting up good luck charms everywhere… didn’t know I had that many stuffed Snoopy’s. *Fingers, legs, toes, eyes and anything else I can crossed*

(Bio from maabraham.com)

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