“I absolutely loved “A Knight’s Desire” … Author Catherine Kean did a beautiful job writing … The dialogue between the characters…charming and fun to learn about”

A Knight's Desire by Catherine Kean cover

Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5

About the Book

Title: A Knight’s Desire (World of de Wolfe Pack Series)

Author: Catherine Kean

Release Date: October 27, 2015

Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval

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Lady Rosetta Montgomery, a descendant of the fierce Norman de Wolfe warriors who subdued England alongside William the Conqueror, is on her way to her wedding when she’s kidnapped by a rider dressed all in black. She discovers her abductor is Lord Ashton Blakeley, her first and only true love, who left her to go on Crusade. Ash is a changed man now, with disfiguring scars and agonizing secrets. As rumors of lost Anglo-Saxon gold and treachery unfold, and Rosetta grows to understand the man Ash has become, will she help him fight for their love, or will the danger surrounding the hidden riches cost them all that they treasure?

Author Interview


1.) What inspired you to become a writer?

I loved to read as a child, and I’m sure that cultivated my very vivid imagination. I knew I wanted to be a writer from a very young age. I started writing and illustrating my own stories when I was about four years old; my mom still has them, tucked away in a drawer. I wrote my first novella at age 12 and first full-length novel at 16, although I didn’t focus on writing romance until I moved to Florida just after I married. I now have a number of published novels to my name and have many more books I want to pen.

2.) Why did you choose to call your medieval series “Knight’s” and you have specific colors on each book, why?
Knights to me are the embodiment of medieval heroes: bold, alpha male warriors devoted to chivalry and justice. When I penned A Knight’s Vengeance—the first medieval I wrote, when my baby daughter was napping—I created a number of male characters that really appealed to me. I believed these men deserved to be heroes of their own books. I wanted to explore their reasons for wanting to become knights, which required years of tough training, fulfilling tests, and a ritual ceremony before knighthood was bestowed. I was able to connect the novels through the hero of my first book, Geoffrey de Lanceau, and the nasty woman who is his lover before he falls in love with a beautiful noblewoman. It was a challenge to maintain the overall story arc through five books, but I loved how the books turned out (especially A Knight’s Seduction, the fifth and final novel, which made me cry several times while writing it).

The colors of the covers aren’t significant, although I did want to go with rich, vibrant hues that would have been used in garments and tapestries in the Middle Ages.

3.) Who is your inspiration in life?
My daughter, who is away attending college. She is incredibly smart, talented, and creative. I learn new things from her all the time.

4.) Who are your favorite authors?
There are too many to count!

5.) What is next for you in your writing career?
I have a medieval novella to write before the end of the year, another novella due in Spring 2016, and then a full-length book to finish by the end of 2016. Somewhere in the next few months, I also want to plot out a new medieval series, most likely a trilogy involving lost treasure.

6.) What are your hobbies?
I love browsing antique stores, baking, cooking (I adore trying new recipes and my husband is always game to try new dishes), walking on the local nature trail, gardening, reading novels and fashion magazines, online shopping, and watching Netflix.

7.) What is your favorite thing to do on your own free time?
Free time? What’s that? LOL! If I do have a few spare moments, I enjoy taking a long bubble bath and reading a book while I’m soaking! I’m so busy this is truly a luxury.

8.) Who has been the most helpful to you in your brand new writing career?
My husband and my writing friends. My husband helps me plan out business strategies, while my writing friends encourage me when I’m stuck or offer their insights on ways to make a story stronger.

9.) Can you tell us anything about what’s coming next in your book series?
There won’t be any more Knight’s Series books, but I am hoping to create a new medieval romance series soon.

10.) What was it like working in Kathryn Le Veque’s Kindle Fan Fiction world?
It was a lot of fun—and my first time writing fan fiction! I really enjoyed the challenge of creating my own unique story while staying true to Kathryn’s de Wolfe Pack books. It was a tremendous honor and a thrill to be part of the launch of her Kindle World.

11.) What would you like to say to your readers today?
Thank you so much for reading my books! I am grateful to everyone who has read my stories, especially those readers who email me to let me know they loved my books and my characters. Those personal messages mean a great deal to me and they inspire me to keep writing.


Author Catherine Kean



Rating: five-star-rating-md 5/5


I absolutely loved “A Knight’s Desire” which is a part of Kathryn Le Veque’s fan fiction world series The World of de Wolfe Pack.

I loved the characters and how determined the warrior was to claim who and what was his. I loved the Medieval style; all the elements of this novel were perfectly woven together to give us all a fantastic Medieval Romance tale.

Author Catherine Kean did a beautiful job writing in this world and I hope she chooses to again in the future. If you love castles, horses, history, and imagining yourselves amongst those that are long gone, then you will love being a part of Catherine Kean’s Medieval world.

The dialogue between the characters, not just the main characters, but also the secondary characters were charming and fun to learn about as well. I have always had a soft spot for the Medieval world and I think Catherine is one of the top authors to bring that astonishing world to our doorsteps in a superb novel.

Every book Author Catherine Kean writes is decadent and it brings out every emotion you could possibly have. You experience anger, happiness, laughter, surprise, and remorse. I think that is what brings on a good book, and that’s why every novel she writes I am ready to purchase it and delve in as soon as possible.

When I was finished reading this book I felt happy and sated with the outcome. I am awaiting, in anticipation, for the next book whether it be in the De Wolfe Pack World or Catherine Kean’s own.

Her Knight’s are to die for. I know if you loved this novel, you will love her personal series which is surrounded around alpha Knights and those they choose to consume. I would recommend all of Author Catherine Kean’s books to friends, family, and even strangers. I would suggest you guys read this and be ready to become addicted.


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About the Author

author catherine kean

Bestselling, award-winning author Catherine Kean’s love of history began with visits to England during summer vacations. Her British father took her to crumbling medieval castles, dusty museums filled with fascinating artifacts, and historic churches, and her love of the awe-inspiring past stuck with her as she completed a B.A.(Double Major, First Class) in English and History. She completed a year-long Post Graduate course with Sotheby’s auctioneers in London, England, and worked for several years in Canada as an antiques and fine art appraiser.

After she married a tall, handsome, and charming Brit and moved to Florida, she started writing novels, her lifelong dream. She wrote her first medieval romance, A Knight’s Vengeance, while her baby daughter was napping. Catherine’s books were originally published in paperback and several were released in Czech, German, and Thai foreign editions. She has won numerous awards for her stories, including the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Her novels also finaled in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the National Readers’ Choice Awards.

When not working on her next book, Catherine enjoys cooking, baking, browsing antique shops, shopping with her daughter, and gardening. She lives in Florida with her husband, daughter, and two spoiled rescue cats.


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