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Mary’s Biography


Hi gang! My thanks to Ashley for featuring me this month.

Okay, so who am I? I live in Russellville, Arkansas USA. No kids, just cats. I work. But my real loves are reading and writing.

What was the first book that grabbed me? Actually it was a series. The Dick and Jane primers published by Scott Foresman. That’s how we baby boomers learned to read.

What do I read? Whatever I’m in the mood for. If it’s fiction, usually a romance. The subgenre I read most is contemporary. But I’m open to most of them.

In nonfiction, I’m into many subjects. But the one most relevant to this piece is mythology and folklore. That’s because most of my writing projects, current and planned, are based on myths and legends.

My fave author? Don’t have one. I pick my leisure reading based on theme, not author.

We’ve all heard that in romance fiction the characters matter most. Well, guess what. For one reader/writer, the main theme does. Situation, event, and plot count for almost as much. These elements form the story, which forms the characters. To create a great character, you must create a great story.

Which theme do I like best? “Such is the power of love”. Someone does something extraordinary for love. Not always good or even sane. But powerful. It should well and truly move me. Or, if I’m writing, the readers.

My ideal heroine? Someone deeply involved in a situation I find interesting. Or better yet, fascinating. And unlike most readers, I don’t require that a heroine be strong. Usually her story is more gripping if she’s not. Yet.

My ideal hero? A good guy. Yeah, I know. I’m weird!


– Mary Anne Landers


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